High Quality Neoprene Stubby Holders & Stubby Coolers

Neoprene Stubby Holder and Stubby Coolers
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All our products are manufactured with the highest quality Neoprene! The Neoprene keeps your cans and bottles cold and makes your colours pop!

All our stubby coolers and stubby holders are made using only the highest quality Neoprene! The Neoprene is 5mm Thick and guaranteed to keep your beverages cooler longer. Stubby holders made from Neoprene have been scientifically proven to slow down the rate your beverage gets warm, which is ideal for anyone living in Australia in the summer.

Not only does Neoprene slow the rate at which your drinks get warm, but the stubby holders and stubby coolers also help prevent your warm hands from speeding up the healing process even further and also prevents icy cold drinks from freezing your hands off.

Apart from keeping your drinks as cool as possible, Neoprene stubby holders and coolers also are the perfect medium for full-colour printing. We can create any design imaginable with full-colour printing and have it printed on your coolers! Neoprene makes your colours pop, and you are left with the best looking stubby holders and stubby coolers possible.

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